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10 Country Dance Moves For Country Fans to Master

So you decided to go out country dancing. Why wouldn't you? You love dancing and you've got some rhythm (even if you don't, hey, it's fun). But then it happens. You get out there on the floor, and some other couple is putting you and your partner utterly to shame. 

This is your chance to get some quick dance lessons so you can master those famous Texas country dance steps! Even though they look intricate and complicated when put to music, these steps can be deceptively simple, and make you look like a pro! Move over waltz and cha-cha, you'll blend in at any honky-tonk once you review these simple dance videos.

Beginner Moves

These are the basic steps in your repertoire of country dance moves you need to master first.

The Two-Step

This move is the bread and butter of the country-western dance floor; you've got to master the country two-step before learning anything else. Luckily, it's easy. It's literally a two-step move, going quick, quick, slow, with the male partner in the lead. You'll be boot scootin' across the dance floor in no time just watch the tutorial below for reference.


The Sweetheart

Once you've mastered the two-step (it's only two steps, you've got this!), you might want to try this move. This is the basic set up for a spin. Essentially the partners, holding hands, step back from one another, and then the female partner twists backward so that the partners are now in a spooning type position. From here, you can launch into a spin or any number of more complicated moves to the beat of your favorite country music.

The Basic Dip

This move may look like it came straight out of Dirty Dancing, but it is much easier than it looks. It involves the male partner spinning the female counterclockwise, then placing her hand on his waist, and moving into a squat position, from which he can dip the female over his knee.

Intermediate Moves

If you're already good at the basics, you can start with these more complicated steps that will get you country swing dancing in no time.

Behind the Back

In this move, the male partner grabs the woman's hands from behind her back and leads her around behind him, where she grabs his hands from behind his back, and then swings back in front.

The Pretzel

This move is not for the uncoordinated. It involves a series of turns and a whole lot of arms swinging about. In essence, each partner swings around behind the other twice turns around, and swings again. Once you get it down, this move can be pretty impressive and doesn't involve any flipping or lifting.

The Spinout

As is implied by its name, The Spinout involves the male partner spinning the female quite a bit. This country swing dance move starts out with the sweetheart (mentioned in the Beginner's section above) from which the male partner launches the female into two outward spins, then releasing her hands to spin her 360 degrees and then bringing her back around.

The Fall Down Dip

The fall down dip starts with the sweetheart moving into an outward and inward yo-yo type of spin, ending with the male partner clasping both the female's hands and lowering her to the ground, and then raising her back up.

Advanced Moves

If you've seen all this before and are looking to be really adventurous, try these fancy steps on for size!

The Trust Fall

Starting out with the sweetheart, the male partner spins the female outward and back around, when her back is to him he grips her under her arms and braces her as she falls backward. The dance move ends with a behind-the-back type spin, spinning the female around the male partner's back and ending up at his front.

The Between the Legs

This move involves a dip as well as some twisting, which is why it's classified as advanced. The partners face each other and clasp hands with their arms extended. The male then spins the female without letting go of her hands so that her wrists are now crossed. He then dips her down to the ground and she slides between his legs. Next, while still on the ground, she spins around 360 degrees until she is facing back up with her arms now uncrossed, and he slides her back up into a standing position.

The Backflip

Starting with the sweetheart, the male partner spins the female outward. Instead of spinning back inward, she turns around back behind him, wrapping his arm around the front of her body. The male partner then squats and lifts her up from behind her knees, baby cradle style, to flip her over his arm, all the while, the female partner is bracing herself on his torso.

Most of these dance moves can be found broken down in this instructional Youtube videoPlus, if all else fails there's always line dancing. A line dance doesn't require any partners so that's a win-win!

This article was originally published in 2017.

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