Texas Country Artists
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15 of the Most Iconic Texas Country Artists

The Lone Star state can proudly claim some of the most talented musicians in country music. These artists have created loyal followers that regularly attend live shows throughout the state and of course tune in to listen to their favorite songs on radio stations in Texas and beyond.

The work these artists have made is not only important for Texas music, but country music in general. From country rock to your favorite Red Dirt music, we've gathered up 10 of the most iconic Texas country performers:

1. Randy Rogers Band

This Red Dirt music band includes members Randy Rogers, Geoffrey Hill, Jon Richardson, Brady Black, Les Lawless, and Todd Stewart. With seven studio albums and two live albums under their belt, this band, which originated in San Marcos, is true Texas country.

2. Jack Ingram

Jack Ingram is a native Texan who grew up in Houston. He started his career performing in Fort Worth, which led to the opportunity to tour around the entire state. He had his first No. 1 single with "Wherever You Are" in 2005.

3. Jason Boland

Though technically this band was started by Boland, who is a native of Oklahoma, Jason Boland & The Stragglers became an instant texas country hit following their debut album Pearl Snaps in 1999. The Austin, Texas-based band has released nine studio albums and is one of the top acts in the local Texas music scene.

4. Bruce Robison

Country singer Bruce Robison grew up outside of San Antonio. In addition to performing, the Austin-based singer-songwriter has written multiple top songs. His 2003 hit "Travelin' Soldier," recorded by the Dixie Chicks, and 2001 hit "Angry All the Time," recorded by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, both reached No. 1 on the country charts. Fun fact, he's also married to Kelly Willis.

5. Sunny Sweeney

Houston native Sunny Sweeney hit the local bar scene in Austin after school and started making a name for herself. She independently released her first album in 2006 and then re-released it in 2007 after getting signed to Big Machine Records. Her songs "If I Could," "Ten Years Pass" and "East Texas Pines" became instant hits around the state. She's released four albums and her song, "From a Table Away," even hit the top 10 on the country charts in 2011. In 2017, she released the critically acclaimed album Trophy.

6. Roger Creager

Roger Creager, originally from Corpus Christi, has released seven studio albums. After releasing his first album in 1998, he secured his place in Texas Country music with his popular energetic performances that draw in a large following.

7. Cory Morrow

Another native Houston, Cory Morrow has been cranking out Red Dirt music since 1997. The singer-songwriter has sold over 200,000 albums independently, which is an impressive feat today when there are so many large Nashville record labels.

8. Wade Bowen

Wade Bowen is one of the most well-known artists in Texas. Originally from Waco, Bowen became an instant Texas hit after his debut album Try Not To Listen became a regional hit around the state. He's released seven albums and even collaborated with Randy Rogers with a duets album in 2015, Hold My Beer Vol. 1.

9. Kevin Fowler

Hailing from Amarillo, Kevin Fowler has had multiple singles hit the top country music billboards. In addition to hits like "Girl in a Truck," a No. 1 hit on the Texas Music Chart, he released "Hip Hop in a Honky Tonk," with country rap artist Colt Ford.

10. Stoney LaRue

Stoney LaRue grew up in the tiny town of Taft, Texas. His made his debut with 2005's The Red Dirt Album. He followed that with a live album, Live at Billy Bob's Texas, from the famous Fort Worth honky-tonk.

11. Pat Green

There's no Texas country artist list without Pat Green. The San Antonio native is one of the most popular acts in Texas music with his seven studio albums. He originally started his career in the college town of Lubbock and took the state by storm with hits like "Three Days," "Wave on Wave" and "Take Me Out to a Dancehall."

12. Cross Canadian Ragweed

This country rock band may have originated in Stillwater, Oklahoma, but it has certainly secured itself in the Texas country scene with five studio albums and three live albums. Cross Canadian Ragweed unfortunately disbanded in 2010, but the band was still at the forefront of the rise of the Red Dirt music scene, helping pave the way for other future Texas artists.

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13. Kelly Willis 

Though originally from Oklahoma, Kelly Willis got her start in the Texas country music scene in Austin, Texas. She was signed by record label MCA in 1989 and was nominated alongside Faith Hill for the Top New Female Vocalist of the Year award at the 1993 ACM Awards. She has since released multiple independent albums and continues to perform around Texas. She hasn't stopped making music either. Her most recent album, Back Being Bluewas released in May of this year.

14. Jamie Lin Wilson 

Hailing from D'Hanis, TX, Jamie Lin Wilson didn't even pick up a guitar until she was 19 and started performing in College Station. She's currently touring all over Texas promoting her latest album, Jumping Over Rocks.

15. Charlie Robison

Raised in the Texas Hill Country, Charlie Robison has been a staple of Texas and Red Dirt music for 20 years. With songs like "My Hometown" and "El Cerrito Place," Robison helped define Texas country. Sadly Robison announced his retirement from the stage and studio due to complications from a surgical procedure that left him with the permanent inability to sing.

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