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Bobby Flay and his Cat Nacho Flay Have a Love Many Only Dream Of

We know that Bobby Flay is a prolific chef- from his success on Iron Chef to his many delicious restaurants, the Food Network star is a talented cook in his own right. Although we're used to watching him cook up tasty southwestern dishes and star on cooking shows, there's another, softer side of chef Bobby Flay. He and his cat, Nacho Flay, prove that true love does exist.

Bobby Flay is an only child, and he told CBS News that the cats his family owned growing up were his replacement for brothers. His favorite was Pumpkin, an orange tabby who he deeply loved. Along with this, the name of his New York restaurant Gato (cat in Spanish) was inspired by an orange cat who walked by when Flay was about to see the restaurant space for the first time, so he has a history with fluffy orange cats.

After leaving home at 19 to live on his own, Bobby Flay went for many years without a fluffy companion. However, after 30 years, the celebrity chef eventually decided to fill the cat-shaped hole in his heart and buy a new cat. He went for a Maine Coon cat, which is a huge, fluffy cat breed known for its loving, cuddly personality.

Bobby Flay's Fluffy Companion

Bobby Flay loved his new feline friend from the start, affectionately naming him Nacho Flay. Not only is Nacho Flay the beloved companion of Bobby Flay, he's also a hit on social media, with 235k followers! Nacho's instagram account is an adorable compilation of Bobby Flay's cat doing cute things, like cooking salmon, sitting in bowls, and cuddling with peppers.

Nacho shares the spotlight with his sister Stella, another Maine Coon, but the real gems are the pics of Nacho and Bobby. Bobby Flay makes occasional guest appearances is Nacho's account, and it's clear from these how much he loves his cat.

Bobby Flay is open about his feelings for Nacho and Stella, as he told People. "I am in this crazy business. I feel like my cats take the edge off me. They create a soothing environment. Every time I walk in the door, I can't wait to see them. It's a very special relationship that only people that have cats understand."

Nacho Flay's Diet

Since Bobby Flay is a world-class chef, it only makes sense that the love of his life would be fed amazing food. Although Nacho does eat regular pet food, he also receives gourmet meals like shrimp and chicken nachos on occasion.

Bobby Flay and his cat Nacho also have their own line of cat food, called Made by Nacho. On the brand's website, Nacho's vet Dr. Katja Lang has a statement, saying "My passion is making sure cats are living their best lives. I've worked closely with Nacho to make sure that his menu is full of the premium ingredients that offer the specific nutrients to keep all kitties thriving!"

Nacho's cat food brand has many varieties to choose from, including wet food, dry food, freeze-dried treats, and Nacho's tasting menu, which includes a sampling of different snacks. The grass-fed beef and sustainably caught salmon are featured products, and the chicken wet recipe is a popular choice, containing cage-free chicken cuts in gravy with bone broth, with extra hydration and prebiotics.

This high-quality, healthy cat food curated by Bobby and Nacho is sold at Petsmart stores, and is ideal for cat lovers looking to give their furry friends a balanced and yummy diet. All I know is, we would all be lucky to have a relationship as loving and beautiful as that of Bobby and Nacho Flay.