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Will Payne Harrison

My Politic Share a Sympathetic Look at Struggle on 'Buzzards on a Powerline'

Americana duo My Politic (Kaston Guffey and Nick Pankey) honor their home state of Missouri on Missouri Folklore: Songs & Stories From Home. Set against the backdrop of the Ozark Mountains, the album explores the complexities of small town life in the Show-Me State.

"Buzzards on a Powerline" unpacks the ways in which the judgment of others impacts those who are struggling with addiction.

"This song has become kind of a 'fan favorite' on the road. It's a character song about judgment," Kaston Guffey says. "I've always been fascinated by the evangelical 'godliness' of the Ozarks while all this darkness is right under the surface.  I wanted to write from the perspective of someone struggling with addiction while the folks around them never stop reminding them of how badly they fucked up. I remember being very taken by the idea of never being able to escape a label no matter how much progress you make. Very proud of the way this one turned out."

Listen to "Buzzards on a Powerline" below.


Missouri Folklore is the follow-up to the duo's  Short-Sighted People in Power.

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