Mumford and Sons Guiding Light
Photo: Alistair Taylor-Young

Mumford and Sons Return with New Song 'Guiding Light'


Perhaps no star shined brighter during the mid-2000s folk pop explosion than Mumford & Sons. As the expanse of Americana grew, the British four-piece's raucous, harmony-driven acoustic music absolutely captivated the world. And now they're back with new music, the song "Guiding Light" off their upcoming album Delta.

At its core, "Guiding Light" is a return to the middle for Marcus Mumford and company. Their 2015 album Wilder Mind deviated significantly from debut album Sigh No More and follow-up Babel -- the latter of which notched eight total Grammy nominations and won Album of the Year. For starters, the band plugged in their guitars and busted out the drum kit.

While "Guiding Light" still brings some notable electric elements, this core of the song returns to the band's organic stringed sound. Of course, accompanied by their classic four-on-the-floor, boot stomping rhythm.

Rhythmic acoustic guitar strums lay the foundation before pulsating synthesizers and light electric picking join the fray. By the chorus, those huge harmonies that made Mumford & Sons concerts show magical come through in full form. (That's probably why the lyric video features plenty of concert footage).


New single "Guiding Light" is a slow burner in terms of production, but it gives you enough to hold onto that radio audiences across the globe will likely find themselves hanging on. Listen to the lead single from their fourth studio album below.


Mumford & Sons announced the new song on BBC Radio 1 as the "Hottest Record" on Sept. 20, along with their new album Delta, which comes out Nov. 16, 2018. Grammy and Academy Award-winning producer Paul Epworth (Adele, Rihanna , U2) helmed production at his London-based Church Studios.

When announcing the new single, lead singer Marcus Mumford told BBC radio DJ Annie Mac, "It was hard work...this one took awhile; we wrote it like a year ago, but its taken awhile just to get to that point and now we're happy with it."


The band plans a massive string of 60 or so Delta tour dates, with more details coming in November.

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