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Our Ranking of Classic Movie Theater Candy, from Worst to Best

What is it about movie theaters that makes us all too eager to dig out our wallet and drop $15 on snacks? Among the most perplexing of all cinema treats is movie theater candy. Served in iconic jumbo boxes like at a concession stand and somehow so much more appealing than drug store varieties, movie theater candy sells for over a 104 percent markup. That means the same $2 box of M&Ms at Walgreens will cost you more than $4.25 at movie night.

If you're going to splurge on movie theater candy—like we know you wanna—make sure you're getting the very best for your buck. Check out our list of every movie theater candy ranked from the very worst to the very best.

18. Whoppers


Historical records show the last time anyone craved malted milk candy was 1939. Leave the malted milk balls on the shelf.

17. Goobers


These guys are the older, weird and creepy uncle of Peanut M&Ms. Make better choices about your theater box experience.

16. Lemonheads


Yeah, we love rock hard candy that tastes like lemon floor cleaner.

15. Milk Duds


Hours after leaving the theater, we're still tonguing the chocolate and caramel off our molars thanks to Hershey's Milk Duds.

14. Dots


Cute and colorful, these gumdrops look delicious. Too bad they're chalky, plastic tasting, and (much like Milk Duds) impossible to get out of your teeth.

13. Jujyfruits


Holy crap, they still make these?

12. Skittles


Fruity and tangy, Skittles are fine on their own—but they pair weird with popcorn.

11. Swedish Fish


Experts have long deliberated over the true flavor of this gummi-chewy candy, suggesting everything from cherry to fruit punch to lingonberry.

The company's official statement is, "Tastes like fruit, not like fish". Thanks for the clarification, guys.

10. Buncha Crunch


Grab a Buncha Crunch, grab a buncha popcorn. Repeat.

9. Butterfingers


Fun fact: Millhouse made his first TV appearance in a 1988 Butterfingers commercial when Bart explains to him the four major food groups—sandwich, cow, jungle, and Butterfinger.

You can't go wrong with this classic candy bar. We like the way you think, Bart.

8. Reese's Pieces


These crunchy peanut-butter bits are beloved by moviegoers and extraterrestrials alike.

7. Starbursts


Word on the fifth-grade playground was that if you can unwrap a Starburst with your tongue, it means you're a good kisser.

Next time you're on a first date, grab a box of Starburst and show off your skills!

6. Twizzlers


The Twizzlers vs. Red Vines debate has caused a lot of controversy in the candy world. We happen to love them both.

5. Red Vines


Did you know that Red Vine you're working on can double as a drinking straw for your giant fountain Cherry Coke?

4. Raisinets


Raisinets harness the mighty power of milk chocolate to transform boring ol' raisins to magical mouthwatering morsels. Mmm...

3. Sno-Caps


It seems like Nestle Sno-Caps only exist within the walls of movie theaters. We'd suffer through Pirates of the Carribean 14 just for the chance to chow down on these chocolate candies melted over hot, buttery popcorn.

3. Junior Mints


Cosmo Kramer said it best: "Who's gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It's chocolate, it's peppermint, it's delicious!"

2. M&Ms


There's a reason M&Ms have been around for more than half a century. It's because they're flipping delicious. Who wants a regular old chocolate bar when you can get colorful and snackable M&Ms?

1. Sour Patch Kids


Sweet on the inside, sour on the outside, these little sour candy gummies are sneakily addictive and easily the superior of all movie candies.

Set us up with a box of Sour Patch Kids, and they're not lasting past the opening trailers.