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Forget Beer Pong, It's All About Mountain Pong

Still playing beer pong on a flat surface? You can do better than that. Aim higher in this classic game with Mountain Pong. Revolutionizing the typical beer pong table, this is the greatest evolution this drinking game has seen yet.

Mountain Pong takes the classic beer pong game and turns it into a stable multi-tier structure. The main problem with the classic pong game is the cups are free-standing. That leaves all kinds of room for the beer pong ball to knock over cups, spilling precious beer all over the table. With Mountain Pong, the cups fit nice and snug in a secure multilevel cup holder ensuring no spillage.

The tier design also amps up the dynamics of the game. With six cups in the "base camp" zone and six cups in the "mountain" zone, the game takes on three different playing methods - Standard, Advanced, and Speed Rules - as well as leaving interpretation for making up your own rules taking this game to new heights.

Mountain Pong is made out of high quality ABS plastic, has a hole in the back for easy ball retrieval, and has set stackability making transportation easy. While the red party cup is practically a staple for this game, the Mountain Pong cup holders will hold any standard plastic cup. As a bonus, the games is fully manufactured in America.

Whether you're headed to a college party or reliving your college days with old buddies, Mountain Pong brings the fun to any social gathering for adults 21 and up. Bring it to the beach, set it up at tailgate parties, take it to a festival, have fun with it camping, or play it at your next pool party.

You can even place it on a floater and play it in the pool. The game is designed to withstand water and sunlight so it's perfect for any outdoor setting.

While this product is still in the crowdfunding phase as a Kickstarter campaign you can get the Mountain Pong set for only $39 as part of the early bird special. Once it reaches its targeted goal, prices will rise to $75. So if you love drinking games as much as these guys do, support the cause and get your Mountain Pong beer game on. Who's got winner?

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