A Map of the Most Commonly Found Beers in Each State

Are you a Bud Light fan or a diehard Coors Light drinker? Whichever beer is your favorite, it's clear to see that these two brands are on top in America. In fact, these macro brews are found in most menus across the country. Recently Priceonomics, a data-driven reporting site, has compiled and analyzed the beer listings of 6,000 bars in all 50 states to figure out which beers are most popular on menus.

Looking at this United States beer map, you'll recognize that every state has its favorite beer companies. From light beer to pale lagers and domestic beer, every state drinks it's beer a little bit differently. Does your favorite beer match up with your state?

The Most Popular Beers in America

According to the data-findings, Bud Light reigned supreme in thirteen of the fifty states including Massachusetts, Texas and Florida while Coors Light came up as the most popular beer in six states such as Colorado, Indiana, Oregon and Kansas. Miller Lite came in with also six states, taking over Virginia, Wisconsin and Michigan.

While American beers took control of most states, Stella Artois proved to be a winner in big states such as California and New York while smaller populated states like Alaska and Maine enjoyed Belgian-style beers as well.

Surprisingly popular beers like Corona, Sam Adams and Guinness did not make the list.

By looking at this data, analysts can now figure out the price of the best beers around the country. If you are a fan of Anheuser Busch then prepare to drink cheaply. According to BeerMenus, Busch Light served in a can is the cheapest beer in the United States. Coming in at an average cost of $2.13, you are well on your way to a cheap date.

Other beer brands falling under the $3.00 range include bottled Natural Light, bottled Busch Light, canned and bottled Pabst Blue Ribbon and canned Miller High Life Light.

On the other end of the range lies the most expensive beers in the nation. With an average cost of $25.29 Lost Abbey Deliverance, a brandy and bourbon barrel-aged blend craft beer from San Marcos, California is the most expensive beer in the country. 

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