Prague, Czech Republic

These Are the Best and Worst Cities to Buy Beer Around the World

Tonight when you swing by your local brewpub for a cold one, take a minute to consider how much you spend on a a single pint. If your watering hole of choice is a brewery, your probably spending a few bucks for a beer. If you're stomping ground is a swank bar downtown, it's probably significantly more expensive. If you're in, say, Singapore however, it's astronomical. Giving us the inside look into what we pay for beer around the world, Deutsche Bank analysts determined the cost of beer in various major cities, and let me say, the price in the United States is not cheap.

According to Business Insider, the analysts deciphered the price of beer by collecting data according to the current cost of half a liter at neighborhood pubs that are located in the "expat area of major cities around the world." The results varied by country, not too mention the cities in them. Take a look at the United States for instance. Ranking in at number four, New York City was at the top of the list. The price? Seven dollars and forty cents. Chicago on the other hand ranked middle of the road - right between Madrid, Spain and Toronto, Canada - with a liter of beer costing $5.30. Windy City anyone?

While the American cities may not be the cheapest despite all the cheap brands, if you live in Oslo, Norway you better have some extra income to be buying beer. Ranking in at number one as the most expensive city, a liter there will cost you a whopping $9.90 a liter.

If you're anywhere in Germany or South Africa on the other hand, beer is going to be significantly cheaper. In Germany, Frankfurt and Berlin both ranked under $4.00 a liter - making one wonder what they charge at Oktoberfest. In South Africa, Johannesburg was at a low of $2.10 a liter whereas Cape Town ranked the second lowest at $2.00.

So what's the best city to get cheap beer? That would be none other than Prague, Czech Republic. The country that drinks the most per capita has the lowest prices of beer on the market, costing $1.30 to be exact. If you're wondering, those residing in the Czech Republic consume 142.5 liters per capita. Maybe it's the price, maybe it's the beer, but all those Czech-style pilsners must taste even better at a low price.

While Boston and San Francisco may not be lowering their prices anytime soon, maybe we should take a hint from the Czech Republic. It certainly wouldn't hurt the pocket book.

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