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Wear These $14 Mesh Mosquito Pants if Bugs Adore You

When I see products like this, I just have to wonder, whose dad got fed up and invented a wacky product that we find silly but actually like? Your mosquito-hating family and friends are going to love these mesh mosquito pants. They do look ridiculous, but they're here to pick up where insect repellent falls short.

Amazon is selling mosquito net pants for only $14.95. These pants are going to be perfect for all of your summer outdoor activities. I swear, it feels like mosquitoes really do pull your socks down and eat away at your ankles. They aren't tight like leggings, but since these pants have drawstrings that cinch around your ankles, you shouldn't feel pesky mosquito bites all over your feet.

Bug Pants - Mosquito Repellent Net Clothing for Men & Women - Insect Proof Netting Suit For Outdoor Protection from Bugs, Gnats, No-See-Ums, Midges

I love bug protection apparel! Hats with nets are my favorite, so why not add some mesh mosquito pants to my outdoor gear list? Many Amazon customers agree that Tough Outdoors' full-length pants are worth every penny. Amazon's customer reviews are fantastic!

A customer left a five-star review and said, "I love them. When I wear them while tending to my bounty of fruits and veggies, I no longer get bitten. I am so happy about this non-toxic solution. I recommend them for gardening, hiking, etc."

Many buyers are also saying that these unisex pants are breathable. If you want to go all out, then add the bug jacket, long sleeve t-shirt, and pants combo to your Amazon wishlist. Protect your arms, too! Customers love the neck zipper feature on the bug jacket. It keeps the critters out. These fine no-see-um mesh sets come in sizes small through X-Large.

The long pants do have a drawstring waist, which means they are elasticized. For sizing advice, check Amazon's product information Q&A. Regardless of your frame, finding a pair that will fit to your body shouldn't be an issue. Unfortunately, there's no word yet on whether this is polyester mesh or nylon. If deer ticks, wood ticks, black flies, and more flying insects just love you, then you should consider some mosquito netting pants for your next outdoor retreat.

Don't forget to invest in more insect shield products. Consider some top-reviewed mosquito head nets and repellant lotion from Amazon. (Go with a lotion that has DEET.) Also, if your home has a bug problem, give insecticide with permethrin a chance to get rid of pesky bugs.

This post was originally published July 28, 2020.

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