Morgan Wallen Gets Hit Again on Stage, Worse Than a Thong
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

Morgan Wallen Gets Hit Again on Stage, Worse Than a Thong

I don't understand these people attending concerts. Clearly, attending shows isn't enough to keep them entertained. They need the sole, undivided attention of the artist. Moreover, it seems like their answer to this craving is throwing things at them. Morgan Wallen experiences this maddening phenomenon firsthand.

Recently, Wallen continues his countrywide tour, wooing all the ladies and singing his biggest and best batch of songs for thousands. However, one woman takes it to another level. She takes her phone and chucks it while Morgan in the middle of singing "Cowgirls." It lands squarely on his shoulder before bouncing onto the ground.

I imagine she's trying to get Morgan's number. However, it doesn't sound like she even tries to get his attention in that way. He's a professional so maybe there isn't any hope for that. But I don't know that the next step is chucking an iPhone or an Android on stage and assuming he gets the message.

Initially, Wallen doesn't even flinch. But once there's a dry spot, he picks up the phone and flings it across the stage, never to be seen again. Then, he's back to singing, business as usual.

Morgan needs to go ahead and hold a meet and greet so they don't get so desperate. Now, that fan leaves the show without a phone like an idiot.

This Isn't The First Time Someone Hits Morgan Wallen With Something on Stage

This comes on the heels of something much more suggestive. At another show in Minnesota, a rabid fan either takes off her thong at the show or brings a pair with her. Then, she chucks a blue pair at Morgan while he sings to the crowd, smacking him dead in the face.

Once again, Wallen hardly even flinches. Maybe it's anger management classes or he has infinitely more patience than the common man. Regardless, he flatly turns around and flings the thong to the other side of the crowd. Certainly, that's not what the woman had in mind that night.

The moral of these stories: stop throwing stuff on stage. You're lucky never to see them again. Other artists might get security to take care of business or they'll do it themselves.