Morgan Wallen Throws Girl's Thong Back Into The Crowd at Concert
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

Morgan Wallen Throws Girl's Thong Back Into The Crowd at Concert

I never thought of Morgan Wallen as a sex symbol. Sure, he makes plenty of hot, alcohol fueled sex songs. He's definitely one of the biggest names in country music right now. But I would never guess that the ladies swoon over his goose honk ad-libs and whiskey powered flirts. One woman proves that I'm definitely wrong at one of his shows.

Wallen recently performs a doubleheader in Minnesota at US Bank stadium. One lady decides to get real comfortable with the country crooner as he's singing to the crowd. She hurls a blue thong up on the stage, treating Morgan like a real rockstar. However, it doesn't gracefully hit the stage. Instead, it smacks straight on his face.

Morgan Wallen Dubs The Gesture by Throwing It Back

It's not entirely clear if she brought a pair to the show or if she takes it off in the crowd. Still, it hits Wallen square in the face and bounces off into his hands. I'm not sure what kind of reaction the woman might expect from him. Maybe he's bashful and keeps singing. Perhaps he embraces it and makes the gesture feel sexy. However, I don't think she expects this to happen.

Morgan hardly even breaks concentration for this. He keeps on singing his smash collaboration with country's newest crossover Post Malone like nothing even happened. Then, he promptly turns around in sequence and flings the thong in the air to the other side of the crowd.

I can only imagine how much she widens her eyes seeing this in real time. Giving this suggestive gift to a superstar like Morgan Wallen is all good. However, some random dude in the audience getting his hands on it? Absolutely not. I reckon she hides her face after the show to save the embarrassment and to avoid creeps trying to get with her afterwards.