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This Mom Lost Half Her Body Weight After Cutting This from Her Diet

A mother of three in Birmingham, United Kingdom has lost over 120 pounds after cutting Coca-Cola completely out of her diet. A year ago she considered herself addicted, drinking up to four liters of the sugary soft drink every single day, which equated to drinking a pound of sugar per day.

Today Sarah Turner is down to 126 pounds compared to last year at 245 pounds. She states the reason for starting her diet was to have more energy and be able to run around with her kids, Spencer, 8, Grace, 7, and Ava Mai, 2.

"I was always tired and had no energy to do anything but now I can take my children out and run round in the park with them," Sarah told the Daily Mirror

While she still strays away from salads and fruit, Sarah Turner is on her way to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Coca-Cola Great Britain commented: "All of our drinks can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle." Just make sure to drink them sparingly.

While everything should be enjoyed in moderation, always be sure to prioritize how your body feels over how you think it should look. Weight loss is a conversation for you and your doctor, and before making any lifestyle changes, be sure to consult your general physician for a long-term plan. 

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