Missouri Deputies Just Pulled Over A UFO... Sort Of
Photo By Crawford County Sheriff's Office

Missouri Deputies Just Pulled Over A UFO... Sort Of

Take that, non-believers! I believed, and the aliens are finally here to whisk me away to a better life! Hold on, my producer's talking to me. ...Wait, that's not real? But it — it's a UFO! That's someone's car? So, no aliens? Well. That's disappointing. In Crawford County, Missouri, officers pulled over a unique vehicle.

Per the New York Post, the traffic stop happened on the interstate. The spacecraft had committed a lane violation. It also had an expired license plate, which is odd. Who knew that land-based spaceships could even have license plates?

Apparently, with the "wind/traffic of the interstate plus the size and aerodynamics of his vehicle, he understood that the potential for lane violations existed," Public Information Officer and Undersheriff Major Adam Carnal said in an email to Fox News. "Given the good nature of the driver and the interesting nature of the vehicle, we opted to provide a fun social media post for our community. It was a great interaction and we wished him safe travels to his destination."

The driver was given a written warning for the violations, and everyone had a good time! The official Crawford County Sheriff's Office Facebook page even had some fun with it!

"These friendly humanoids, who have come in peace," the post reads. Hopefully, our space traveler made it safely to their destination!

A Car Dressed Like A UFO Temporarily Stumped Missouri Police

"77th anniversary of Roswell UFO sighting this week. My husband was born 77 years ago this week. Coincidence? The jury is still out," one Facebook user says. This may have been a false alarm... for now. But they're among us, folks. The police made sure the UFO was a car. But, did they confirm if the driver was actually a human or not? This could've been a warning shot to humanity!

"Still not the weirdest thing I've seen in Missouri... I love my home state but mercy we have some unique people here! Me included!" another user states. Listen, all states have their weirdos. Some weirdos even go on to write articles for country-themed websites. Are all "weird people" aliens? ...You know, it would explain a lot.