Miranda Lambert Shows Love to Little Girl Named After Her
(Photo by Ayisha Collins/FilmMagic)

Miranda Lambert Shows Love to Little Girl Named After Her — See Heartwarming Video

Miranda Lambert does more than record songs and sing at concerts. She also seems to make dreams come true.

Recently, Lambert performs in Hinckley, Minnesota, where she spots a little girl in the crowd. In the crowd, she spots a little girl donning hot pink boots and a cowgirl hat in the crowd. In addition, she rocks a pink dress and a jacket with rhinestones spelling the name 'Miranda.' But it's not just in support of the country singer they're watching at the concert. Rather, they share the same one!

Mom Shares Touching Moment Between Her Daughter and Miranda Lambert

The little girl tells Miranda Lambert that they share names with each other, which Lambert loves. She continues gushing about this adorable child, complimenting the girl's Texas earrings. Then, Miranda asks the Minnesotan girl if she's ever been to Texas before. However, I'm sure she got shy from the bright lights and all the people. All she could muster is an adorable 'thank you.'

Lambert hugs and thanks her for coming to the show, escorting her to little Miranda back down to her mom.

Little Miranda's mom shares the experience, leaving her emotional in the process. "This momma is speechless and sobbing," she writes. "We were surrounded by some of the kindest people who put Miranda front center... which led to her being brought on stage with Miranda Lambert. I could have only ever imaged for her to meet the woman who has inspired me so much I named her after. I will never forget this memory. Best concert ever. My momma heart is so full."

This is literally what it's all about. That genuine connection you can make with those who love you is one to cherish. It doesn't matter if it's a kid who idolizes you or even a full grown adult who uses the music to keep going everyday. It's a beautiful thing to witness art impact someone else's life.