Miranda Lambert Rockabye Baby

Album Premiere: Hear Miranda Lambert's Hits Reimagined as 'Rockabye Baby' Lullabies

The Rockabye Baby series of albums featuring lullaby versions of songs by popular artists just added Miranda Lambert's hits to its long, diverse catalog, and it's safe to say you've never heard the bold country-rock anthem "Kerosene" or the moody confessional "Tin Man" quite like this.

"We chose Miranda because she seemed like a perfect fit for our brand, Rockabye Baby," says vice-president Lisa Roth,  a sister of Van Halen's David Lee Roth. "We love country music. We love her songs. She has great hooks and melodies, and she kind of represents what we enjoy about our brand. It has a little irony to it. She's a rocker, and a country-rocker."

These reinterpretations of Lambert's hits shatter the stereotype of parents, grandparents and guardians getting driven crazy by kids' favorite songs. For once, there's something the whole family can enjoy, together or when the grown-ups want a relaxing playlist.

According to Roth, each Rockabye Baby album made over the past 13 years, from fun takes on The Beach Boys and Bruno Mars to surreal versions of the less family-friendly work of Tool and Metallica, was made by one of the project's three producers: Leo Flynn, Andrew Bissell or Steven Boone.

"They deconstruct each song and put it back together using our Rockabye Baby palette of instruments," Roth adds. "Very organic sounds like glockenspiels, woodblocks, mellotrons and things like that. They've been doing our lullabies for many, many years, so they have a lot of tricks up their sleeves that make it happen."

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Lambert isn't the first country artist highlighted by the series. Past titles featured the songs of Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift, The Eagles and Elvis Presley. The same company also issues the Hushabye Baby series, which has spotlighted the songs of George Strait.

Press play below to hear the album a day before its Fri., June 28 release date.

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