Miranda Lambert's Dad Shows off Impressive Voice During Surprise Chicago Duet


Miranda Lambert brought her darling dad and musician boyfriend Anderson East onstage to join her for a very special duet in Chicago.

The duet went down at a special tour rehearsal show at Chicago's famous Joe's Bar (aka Joe's on Weed Street). Lambert's dad and East joined her for a duet of the gospel song, "Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind Stayed on Freedom)." Mr. Lambert definitely stole the show and concertgoer Tricia Despres caught it all on video.

In the clip, Lambert introduces her band and East to the excited audience before getting down to business. "We worked on this song for a long time today," she says. "So if it sucks, just tell us it doesn't, OK?" Luckily, no one had to lie.

Friend, collaborator and The Voice alum Gwen Sebastian's vocals on the gospel song were as smooth as butter. But things got turned up a whole other notch when the band kicked and Lambert's dad reached for the microphone.

He'd only hit a couple of notes before the crowd went absolutely wild for his old soul singer sound. Lambert eventually jumped in to join him for a few "hallelujahs" before East and the rest of the band created a full-on gospel singalong. Simply put, Chicago was going to church.

"Y'all give it up for daddy!" Lambert proudly said after the song.

The Joe's Bar audience was lucky to get this exclusive performance, but fans still have plenty of opportunities to see Lambert out on the road in 2017. You can find her full list of Highway Vagabond Tour dates here.

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Miranda Lambert's Dad Shows off Impressive Voice During Surprise Chicago Duet