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Move Over Hot Cocoa Bombs, Chamoy-Filled Michelada Bombs Are Here

If you went on social media anytime in the last month you probably stumbled upon hot chocolate bombs. Round chocolate balls filled with hot cocoa mix, these viral chocolate balls became all the rage across America, however there's a new bomb in town and its filled with Chamoy. Yes, you heard right, Michelada bombs are here to turn your beer into a full-blown fiesta.

If you haven't had one before, traditionally Micheladas are similar to Bloody Marys and are usually enjoyed with brunch. A typical michelada mix includes lime juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and either clamato or tomato juice. Make it mild or spicy, its up to you!

San Antonio Woman Creates One-of-a-Kind Chamoy-Filled Michelada Bombs

Ruby Wilder of Ruby's Krafty Tacos started selling Mexican-inspired michelada bombs for San Antonians after seeing how popular the chocolate treat was.

"I first heard of the idea [for michelada bombs] from a post from California," Ruby shares with me, "I thought, how would I be able to come up with my own michelada bombs to sell?"

After figuring out which spices to add, Ruby came up with her version which includes Tajín, chili powder, chamoy, a spicy tamarind candy in the middle and edible citrus acid that'll make it fizz once it hits your beer.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, the bombs are packaged in a homemade decorated, heart-shaped box and can be ordered from the Ruby's Krafty Tacos Facebook page. Shipping is available as well! Along with the michelada bombs, Ruby produces and sells handmade tacos served in homemade decorated boxes for all your celebration needs including birthdays, graduations, and baby showers.

So what are you waiting for? Order a whole box of these michelada bombs to give to your spicy sweetie on V-Day.

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