Martin House Brewing Company

Texas Brewery Introduces Best Maid Bloody Mary Pickle Beer

You can have your beer and your pickle too! Fort Worth, Texas, Martin House Brewing Company is known for their out-of-the-box brews. In 2019, the craft beer brewery teamed up with Texas-based Best Maid Pickle company for a special pickle beer. Since then, the two companies have been churning out pickle beer creations and their latest drink is a doozy. Meet the new Best Maid Bloody Mary Pickle Beer, your new brunch best friend.

Martin House Brewing Company Launches Bloody Mary Pickle Beer

The Michelada-inspired brew launched on September 21 in their taproom for to-go only. The brewery hosted live music as well as corn dogs, pickles, and free beer to drink while guests waited in line to pick up the Bloody Mary Mix brew. According to the craft brewery, the beer boasts classic flavors such as tomato juice, citrus, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, as well as pickle juice.

"We've had a blast exploring new flavors with our friends at Best Maid," their statement says. "One of the most requested flavors we've had so far is Bloody Mary, so we did it."

Didn't make it to the launch? No worries! The brewery is distributing the Bloody Mary beer to retailers in late September, so you can grab a can at your favorite MHBC distributer.

How Does Best Maid Bloody Mary Pickle Beer Taste?

As for the taste, commenters on Facebook are already loving it. Some are asking for the relaunch of Spicy Pickle Beer, which was released for a limited time from January 2020 to March 2020. The beer was flavored with dill pickle and a hint of spice.

As for pickles, Best Maid created new Salty Lady Best Maid Beer Pickle, which uses Martin House Brewing Company Salty Lady gose to pickle their pickles.

What's the next pickle concoction in the works for this brewing company? Who knows!

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