Micheals Grab Bags: Everything You Need to Know About These Discounted Boxes

Michaels is the haven of home décor and crafting- you can find any arts and craft supplies you can possibly think of on its many shelves! If you're a fan of crafts and you also enjoy a good deal, the Michaels Grab Bags are your dream come true. These are more of a steal than a deal, as they involve a bag or box filled to the brim with crafting supplies, seasonal items, and more for only five dollars.

Michael's Grab Bags

These amazing deals are available after holidays or at the end of the season, and each is filled with an assortment of clearance items. While you can't choose what's in yours, you can bet that it'll add some flair to your home decorations or up your crafting game! There are often DIY craft kits, along with goodies like tissue paper, balloons, crochet supplies, tumblers, and more.

You can expect much of the décor in your grab bag or grab box to match the season or holiday that just passed. If you get one in April, it'll probably have some cute Easter decorations to use next year, while a grab bag in March will likely contain Valentine's Day goodies. The contents of your bag will probably add up to much more than $5 based on their actual prices, which is part of why grab bags are so exciting!

Grab Your Own

If you're interested in your own mystery box, look out for bags or boxes with a sticker saying "grab bag $5." Depending on your local Michaels store, you might need to call to ask if your location has grab bags available. Some Michaels Craft Stores do grab bag events, in which they'll box up much of their markdown items and have lots of bags or boxes available. While the classic grab bag is $5, at some stores you can find them for $4 or even $2!


Some Michaels have grab bags available every Monday or Tuesday, which makes it even easier to get one. One crafty shopping tip is to keep an eye on the store's clearance section- if it seems suddenly cleared out, there's a good chance you'll find grab bags full of misc freebies the next morning. Even though you can't see what's inside, if you pay attention to the bag's shape and jiggle it up and down a bit, you might be able to figure out its contents and end up with the perfect decorations or craft supplies!

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