Celebrate the Season with SNL's Version of the Holiday Baking Championship

There are so many baking shows out there. I mean, even Netflix has its own baking shows. So it's not surprising that NBC's Saturday Night Live would find a way to film a classic holiday baking championship SNL-style. If you haven't seen this hilarious sketch, we've got the video for you below and you're definitely going to want to watch it someplace where you can laugh out loud.

This particular episode saw the return of Saturday Night Live cast member Eddie Murphy, 35 years after he last hosted the show. Murphy created some iconic SNL characters like Gumby, Buckwheat, and Mister Robinson. This particular skit doesn't quite rise to the level of those characters, but it does include a true Eddie Murphy moment.

The SNL skit starts with holiday baking championship contestants, played by Eddie Murphy, Cecily Strong, Kyle Mooney, and Heidi Gardner, presenting their challenge creations to the judges, played by Aidy Bryant, Beck Bennett, Ego Nwodim (and if you watch a lot of baking competitions, you'll know exactly who each of them is playing).

There's a cake that's supposed to be Elsa from Frozen, an interesting and not exactly kid-friendly take on Cinderella's castle and a nicely done Frosty the Snowman cake, which is ignored by the judges in favor of the other contestants because "at least [they] took some risks." But the highlight of the holiday baking championship SNL skit is Eddie Murphy's Mitch.

Mitch's memory is playing video games with his kids on Christmas morning. His cake is shaped like "that rascal Sonic the Hedgehog." Only Mitch's Sonic has human teeth, speaks in a demonic voice and sets itself on fire. The sketch is a great spoof of these baking shows, but what makes it laugh out loud funny is Murphy's reactions to his cake going rogue, saying "I believe I opened up a portal and I am so bad at baking." And then at the end of the sketch, as Mitch's cake starts spontaneously moving, Mitch yells, "Come back here, you coward — we can still win this s*it!"

Murphy looked surprised and slapped his hand over his mouth as the audience laughed. During the original live broadcast, some folks at home got the full swear jar word, while others got the bleeped version. This is the bleeped version, but it's still funny as heck.

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