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The Most Unique Gingerbread House Kits in 2022

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Christmas is fast approaching, which means we need to soak up as much fun seasonal activities as possible this holiday season before it all flies by. An easy way to do that? Gingerbread houses. As a kid, I once made my mom make actual gingerbread piece by piece because I was determined to make an authentic, show-stopping option that year. That didn't turn out so great (maybe that's an understatement), which is we suggest taking the easier route.  Simply pick up a gingerbread house kit that already has everything you need — one that's already ready to decorate with your kids or with a group of friends or family. Plus, instead of just including your standard finds, we also rounded up some fun and unique options for you to try out this year. From a Candy Land dream house to a pink ski chalet, you can stretch those creative muscles and make a whole village this year with our unusual picks. Best of all, you can forget about pulling out all of your baking supplies: these craft kits come with pre-baked pieces to make your holiday decorating as easy as possible. Here are our top picks for fun gingerbread houses to make this year:

1. A Gingerbread House Kit Inspired By Candy Land


Candy Land Holiday House Gingerbread Kit - Amazon, $23.05

Candy Land is one of the most beloved board games of all time — so it's no surprise that the candy-themed family favorite has a gingerbread house kit you can make during the holidays. It comes pre-baked and includes lots of homages to the original game: including gumdrops, of course.

2. An Adorable Peanuts-Themed Gingerbread House Kit


This gingerbread kit will give you all the holiday feels this Christmas. Who doesn't love A Charlie Brown Christmas? This kit comes with pre-baked gingerbread, pre-made icing and lots of decorations, include miniature cookies that look like all the characters.

3. A Classic Option That Creates A Whole Village


Wilton Build-It-Yourself Holiday Town Decorating Kit - Amazon, $46.99 

Why make one house when you can make a whole Christmas town? This kit comes with the option to make up to eight houses, so it'll be great for a family gathering where nobody has to fight over the frosting. This even comes with fondant and icing bags and tips, as well as little gingerbread men.

4. A Chocolate Option With Oreo Cookies


Oreo Cookies Christmas Town Kit - Amazon, $33.34

If your kid isn't so crazy about gingerbread, try this fun Oreo Cookie kit instead: it's actually a two-in-one deal, because it comes with the supplies to make a miniature Oreo Cookie village as well as some individually decorated Oreo Cookies. Decorating individual Oreo cookies will be perfect for the little ones who aren't ready to tackle the construction on a whole house.

5. A Fun Option For Kids Who Celebrate Chanukah


Do-It-Yourself Chanukah House Cookie Decorating Kit - Amazon, $26.99

This adorable, vanilla-flavored cookie house comes with four icing colors, lots of decorations (including beads, sprinkles, and menorahs) and everything you need to make a cute craft on a snowy December afternoon.

6. An Homage To The Jolliest, Happy Soul

 Cookies United Frosty the Snowman Mini Gingerbread House Kit - Amazon, $15.00

Frosty the Snowman is a classic, and we love this miniature pre-baked kit that comes in at under $20 — it's perfect for little ones who are bound to get too impatient to put together a larger house, but it's still just as cute.

7. An Adorable, Glittery Pink Chalet


Favorite Day Glitter Chateau - Target, $12.99

This sparkly pink house is made with sugar cookies and comes with glitter, shimmery icing, and a few icing animals (including a pink unicorn!). It's such a fun, unique twist on a classic.

8. A Castle Made For Super Mario


Wilton Build-It-Yourself Super Mario Gingerbread Castle - Walmart, $14.98

This fun gingerbread castle is an homage to one of the best video games out there — Super Mario. This castle will be familiar to any fan, as will the characters (including Mario himself, of course!)

9. A Gingerbread Tree House For Your Little Adventurer


Favorite Day Gingerbread Tree Kit - Target, $12.99

A unique tree house is perfect for your little one who loves the outdoors, and we love that this gingerbread tree house has unique additions like wooden steps and a cute little holiday wreath.

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