Mica Miller Accused South Carolina Pastor John-Paul Miller Of "Grooming" Her Since She Was 10-Years-Old
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Mica Miller's Father Says Multiple Shell Casings Found At Scene Of Daughter's Death: "Didn't Make Much Sense"

Mica Miller's father Michael Francis continues to speak out about his daughter's death. Now, he's revealing new details about the scene, blaming the police for rushing his daughter's case.

He said, "Since there were multiple shell casings found and a live round found, it already didn't make much sense. So it would seem they would automatically do a complete toxicology, not just blood alcohol, and a complete autopsy, which they did not do. We're just devastated that they didn't because John-Paul rushed the cremation process."

Police ruled that Mica's death was a suicide and that her husband John-Paul Miller played no role in her death.


Mica Miller's Family Blames John-Paul

Speaking with NewsNation, Michael Francis believes that John-Paul pushed his daughter to the brink. "I know she was pushed to the brink. ... My theory is broad right now. There are bruises on her hand and injuries. These things are not documented, and they don't show up for no reason. We just want more answers," Francis said. "As soon as they got married, her behavior went downhill fast. She seemed to be more sad, more under control. I believe he compressed her. He just sucked the life right out of her and caused her to go downhill."

Meanwhile, Mica Miller's sister and her attorney Regina Ward also accused the pastor of grooming Mica and abusing her. "If I had to assume, I would guess that she probably meant [the year] 2010 and not 10 [years old]," Francis told NewsNation. "She has consistently said since 14 years old. I have never heard her ever say 10 years old. That's not even possible, we weren't even in South Carolina."

Meanwhile, the family's attorney said that she was brainwashed. "This man, in my opinion and based on the documents, my conversations with Mica whenever she was alive, tell me that she was brainwashed by this man," Ward told NewsNation. "He abused her in every possible way that there is. Financially, he abused her, but taking away things, phones, access to money, took away her car, those types of things to try to gain control of her. Every time she tried to leave him, he would harass and stalk her to the point she just felt like she had to give up and go back."