Song Premiere: Melissa Carper Longs for a Lost Spark on 'Back When'

Aisha Golliher

Texas-based singer-songwriter Melissa Carper reflects on a relationship that's gone cold on the yearning, stone cold country "Back When," the latest release from her forthcoming album Daddy's Country Gold (out on March 19th).

"A lot of my songs are based on my real life experiences and with 'Back When' every single word of that was lived and true," Carper tells Wide Open Country. "I started writing it a bit after a breakup while longing for the relationship I once had with someone--that is, the beginning of the relationship when we were in love and everything was wonderful.  It was written with a hopeful desire that things could be as they once were, and though that never happened, I feel like this song does have that hopeful air that maybe 'back when' could happen again, for any relationship that has lost that spark."

Listen to "Back When" below.


Carper is a founding member of the band The Carper Family. She's also a member of Arkansas four-piece Sad Daddy and founded roots duo Buffalo Gals with girlfriend Rebecca Patek.

Daddy's Country Gold, a 12-track collection of country, bluegrass, old-style jazz and western swing, features some of Nashville's best -- Chris Scruggs (rhythm guitar and pedal steel), Jeff Taylor (keys), Matty Meyer (drums), Billy Contreras (fiddle) and guest appearances from Lloyd Green, Brennen Leigh and Sierra Ferrell. Produced by Andrija Tokic, Daddy's Country Gold was recorded at the Nashville studio The Bomb Shelter.
The album is available for pre-order here.

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Song Premiere: Melissa Carper Longs for a Lost Spark on 'Back When'