Megachurch Stood By Texas Pastor, Allowed Him To Continue Preaching After Molestation Allegations
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Megachurch Stands By Texas Pastor, Allows Him To Continue Preaching After He Admits To Inappropriate Sexual Behavior

A Texas megachurch is standing by a Texas pastor after he confessed to inappropriate sexual behavior. Robert Morris recently confessed to engaging inappropriate sexual behavior in his 20s. This comes years after a 12-year-old accused him of molesting her.

At the time, Morris was pastoring with Shady Grove Church. He later founded Gateway Church in 2000, which became affiliated with Shady Grove in 2013, according to WFAA. After the confession, Gateway Church released a statement:

The elders said, "Pastor Robert has been open and forthright about a moral failure he had over 35 years ago when he was in his twenties and prior to him starting at Gateway Church. He has shared publicly from the pulpit the proper Biblical steps he took in this lengthy restoration process.

The two-year restoration process was closely administered by the Elders at Shady Grove Church and included him stepping out of the ministry during that period while receiving professional counseling and freedom ministry counseling.

Since the resolution of the 35-year-old matter, there have been no other moral failures. Pastor Robert has walked in purity, and he has placed accountability measures and people in his life. The matter has been properly disclosed to church leadership."

Pastor Makes Confession

However, the pastor's accuser took issue with what the elders said.  "He didn't come forward and confess. He was turned in," she said. "When someone is turned in, what are they sorry for? Are they sorry they got caught? Or are they truly repentant of what they did?"

The pastor took two years off before returning to ministering in 1989. His accuser took issue with him going back to ministering. "I think leaders can get caught up and think it's our responsibility to protect God and it's not. Our responsibility is to protect the people," she said. "God is bigger than all of that."

Morris recently opened up about his previous behavior. He said, "When I was in my early twenties, I was involved in inappropriate sexual behavior with a young lady in a home where I was staying. It was kissing and petting and not intercourse, but it was wrong. This behavior happened on several occasions over the next few years. In March of 1987, this situation was brought to light, and it was confessed and repented of. I submitted myself to the Elders of Shady Grove Church and the young lady's father. They asked me to step out of ministry and receive counseling and freedom ministry, which I did. Since that time, I have walked in purity and accountability in this area."