Megachurch Pastor Tony Evans Allegedly Cancels Faith-Based Cruise After Stepping Down
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Megachurch Pastor Tony Evans Allegedly Cancels Faith-Based Cruise After Stepping Down

Megachurch Pastor Tony Evans made shock waves when he announced he was stepping down from Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas. Evans is now apparently canceling his faith-based cruise as well.

Previously, Evans was set to be the headliner for a a Christian cruise to the Mexican Riviera this fall. However, according to The Roys Report, Evans has indeed canceled the cruise. Heather Hair, spokesperson for Evans' ministry The Urban Alternative, told the outlet, "Following the announcement that Dr. Tony Evans will be stepping away from his senior pastoral duties at OCBF (Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas), and as he pursues the healing and restoration process established by the elders, The Urban Alternative has decided it would be best to cancel the Mexican Riviera Cruise with Tony Evans."

This news follows a story published in The Christian Post that confirmed the cruise remained on track. A spokesperson at the time "did not respond . . . when asked if they expect Evans to complete his restoration process before the cruise this fall." However, apparently, things changed in a short time. A representative confirmed that the cruise is canceled, but did not specify if it would be rescheduled or if they would give refunds. Likewise, the link used for the cruise is is no longer live.

Tony Evans Steps Down

The news follows controversy around the pastor. Evans stepped down from his position due to a guilty conscience. He said he committed a sin several years ago. As a result, he felt he could no longer be pastor of the church.

"The foundation of our ministry has always been our commitment to the Word of God as the absolute supreme standard of truth to which we are to conform our lives. When we fall short of that standard due to sin, we are required to repent and restore our relationship with God," Evans wrote in his statement.

Evans explained that he fell short of God's example. He said he would no longer be in charge. "A number of years ago, I fell short of that standard," Evans said. "I am, therefore, required to apply the same biblical standard of repentance and restoration to myself that I have applied to others." However, the pastor wanted to clarify that he "committed no crime" but "did not use righteous judgment in my actions."

However, Evans will remain part of the community. He still plans to attend the church. He just won't be leading the congregation. Several expressed shock. Others detailed their disappointment. They wished the pastor would be more honest. For instance, they wished he would reveal his sin.