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Our Guide to All of the McDonald's Vegan Options

Even the strictest of vegans get the occasional craving for fast food and indulgent, non-vegan comfort food. When this craving hits, it's important to know which fast-food chains have vegan options. Although McDonald's likely isn't the first to come to mind, there are a few McDonald's vegan options for when a vegan ends up at this iconic fast food restaurant.

Burger King and Carl's Jr. have vegan burgers, and Taco Bell has plenty of vegan menu items. However, McDonald's is just now beginning to make their menu more vegan-friendly. You might think that French fries or hash browns are a safe bet- they're just potatoes, right? Unfortunately, these McDonald's fries and hash browns are both made with natural beef flavoring, making them non-vegan. For any vegans who need a bite to eat at McDonald's without forsaking their diet, here are all of their vegan food options.

McPlant Burger

McDonalds is about to roll out the vegan McPlant burger in select US locations, which features a Beyond Meat patty topped with mustard, ketchup, vegan special sauce, onions, pickles, lettuce, tomato, and vegan cheese, served on a sesame-seed bun. This vegan burger will be available at eight restaurants for a limited time, beginning November 3rd. The restaurants are in cities including Irving and Carrollton, Texas, Jennings and Lake Charles, Louisiana, El Segundo and Manhattan Beach, California, and Cedar Falls, Iowa. Let's hope it'll soon be available across the country!

McDonald's Fruit & Maple Oatmeal

This is a solid breakfast menu choice! Just make sure to substitute water instead of milk/cream.

Plain English Muffin with Jelly

This is a yummy enough vegan snack for mornings at McDonald's.

Maple Syrup

Add this to your English Muffin or oatmeal for an even sweeter vegan meal.

Apple Slices

Here's a good side for your breakfast oatmeal or English muffin, or a healthy snack on their own.

Side Salad

Another healthy option, you can choose a variety of salad dressings to top this, like the Balsamic Vinaigrette, Citrus Splash, Spicy Buffalo, or Sweet and Sour Sauce.

Southwest Chicken Salad (No Chicken)

Make sure to ask for this without chicken!

Vegetable Sandwich

Order any sandwich with no meat and cheese, and ask for lots of veggies. Ketchup and mustard are vegan if you want any condiments.

Baked Apple Pie

Fortunately, vegans still get a good dessert option on the McDonald's menu no matter their dietary preferences.

Black Coffee

We know the McCafe coffee isn't the best, but it sure is vegan. You can also ask for iced black coffee, as long as you specify that you don't want cold brew.

Orange Juice and Apple Juice (Minute Maid)

Get some vitamins along with that oatmeal.


All sodas at McDonald's are vegan.


Slushies are a great choice for a sweet treat to pair with your veggie sandwich or salad.