Lyndsay Cordell

Apple Pie McFlurry: How To Order This McDonald's Secret Menu Item

What goes best with apple pie? It's got to be vanilla ice cream. While you can order vanilla ice cream and McDonald's apple pie and eat them separately, some genius thought to combine the two and place it on the McDonald's secret menu. Of all the secret menu items I've had, this one makes it to the fast food secret menu hall of fame. In fact, McDonald's (or as they call it Maccas) in Australia actually offered an Apple Pie McFlurry in 2018, partnering with Uber Eats to deliver the limited edition soft serve treat to Aussies.

Thankfully, you can DIY your own version with a simple menu hack; no flight to Australia needed! That's a good thing because the Australian government is still keeping its borders closed.

How Do You Make an Apple Pie McFlurry

Lyndsay Cordell

If you get anxious about ordering off the secret menu item, this one is pretty easy to put together yourself. Simply ask for a caramel sauce sundae, a baked apple pie, and a large McFlurry cup and spoon. Put the soft serve ice cream, warm caramel sauce, and apple pie in the cup and give it a stir, breaking up the pie with your spoon. You can also ask the McDonald's employee to give it a whir in the McFlurry machine, but most of the time they'll just look at you like you've grown horns out of your head or something.

I've gotta say it's one of the best treats I've tried at McDonald's restaurants, and that includes the Daim McFlurry they offer in Scandinavia. If you've never heard of Daim, it's a Swedish chocolate bar made with crunchy almond caramel. It's delicious and they sell them at IKEA here in the states.

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