McDonald's to Close 200 Restaurants Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Even the biggest fast food company in the world, McDonald's, is feeling the effects of coronavirus. According to Business Insider, McDonald's plans to shut down 200 U.S. restaurants by the end of the year, with half of them located in Walmart stores. Recently McDonald's Corp reported a 30% decrease in revenue and Global same-store sales fell 23.9%. During an earnings call, CEO Chris Kempczinski noted that the "public health situation seems to be worsening" in certain parts of the United States.

How McDonald's is Dealing with Coronavirus

Back at the beginning of July when COVID-19 cases were beginning to spike across the country as states started to reopen, McDonald's announced it would pause all U.S. reopening plans for 21 days. Joe Erlinger, head of McDonald's U.S. division, and Mark Salebra, chair of the National Franchisee Leadership Alliance, wrote in a note to McDonald's restaurant owner/operators that the decision was made "to protect the safety of our employees and customers." Ultimately the owner/operators had the final say on whether to open up their dining rooms or keep it strictly open to drive-thru, takeout, and pick up orders.

Before the announcement, 15% of McDonald's USA locations were back open with reduced seating. McDonald's has extended the pause of reopening for another 30 days according to a letter from Joe Erlinger and Mark Salebra.

Earlier this week McDonald's Corp. announced its new Coronavirus procedures the company is putting in place to slow the spread of the virus, including requiring face coverings for all customers and employees. Starting August 1, all customers will be required to wear a face mask when entering a McDonald's location. "While nearly 82% of our restaurants are in states or localities that require facial coverings for both crew and customers today, it's important we protect the safety of all employees and customers," the letter states. McDonald's has required face coverings for all McDonald's employees since the beginning of the pandemic.

Along with promoting social distancing, hand sanitizer usage, and proper PPE execution, McDonald's is adding protective panels to both the Front and Back-Of-House. McDonald's workers will most likely be taking your order through a protective panel.

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