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Is McDonald's Open on Christmas? Here Are Their 2023 Holiday Hours

Celebrate the holidays with some trusty Mickey D's.

Wondering if McDonald's is open on Christmas? It's a question that might top the list for some during the festive season. Not everyone delights in spending hours crafting a holiday feast only to see it vanish in minutes. And let's face it, tackling all those dishes can be quite the endeavor, especially if the kitchen isn't your forte. If culinary prowess isn't your thing, the true joy of holiday dinner might be sipping on a McDonald's shake while exchanging gifts beneath the twinkling tree. They're pretty tasty, after all.

Consider that not everyone has a large family or friends to share Christmas or the holidays with. So, what's the alternative to the traditional spread? A box of McNuggets with a side of fries or perhaps a festive Big Mac meal might do the trick. But here's the catch: it all depends on whether McDonald's keeps its lights on during the holiday season. There are plenty of restaurants open on Christmas Day. There will also be some grocery stores open that will likely have premade goods ready to eat. And CVS will stay open for all your pharmacy needs. But where does that leave McDonald's?

We've got all the details you need to know about whether you can make a holiday pilgrimage to the Golden Arches.

Is McDonald's Open on Christmas in 2023?

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Want to head to McDonald's this Christmas? You're in luck. Most McDonald's locations will remain open on Christmas Day as well as Christmas Eve. But that doesn't mean every location will keep the same schedule or hours. As always, the phone is your friend. Call and confirm store openings and closings, and check online to make sure your local restaurant is actually operating that day.

The Golden Arches should be serving its normal menu as well, though it may differ from location to location. You should be all good to grab a bite to eat when you don't want to make a whole holiday spread, though. And those warm, delicious apple pies with a McDonald's coffee can't be beaten when the weather gets chilly.

What Are McDonald's Christmas Hours in 2023?

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So, we've established that McDonald's will likely be open on Christmas Day in 2023. But that doesn't mean every single location will be. And you may not see it open on a 24-hour basis like many others normally are. Holidays almost always mean alternate or shortened hours. And since plenty of McDonald's restaurants operate under independent ownership, it's all going to come down to what each location has decided for its holiday schedule.

But as always, before you make the decision to go out in the chilly weather and grab some delicious McDonald's fries, pick up that phone and call. You don't want to waste your time if they actually aren't open. You can also use the online store locator to see when McDonald's is supposed to remain open for the holiday and when it might be closing. There may be plans to have workers go home to spend time with their families at some point.

So if that double cheeseburger and McDonald's Coke craving hits right when you've just opened your stocking, you might be able to satisfy it. And that's some real Christmas magic, right there.

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