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The McAffogato is the McDonald's Hack We All Need Right Now

You can keep your chocolate and peanut butter; I'll take the combo of coffee and ice cream instead any day. The affogato is simple and elegant, a traditional Italian treat that's just gelato with a shot of espresso poured over the top (I recommend salted caramel gelato, but plain vanilla ice cream works, too). Fortunately, with a simple hack, you can order this delightful treat at McDonald's to make the McAffogato.

This menu hack comes from across the Pond, where some police officers with excellent taste, by way of @UKCopHumour, have been showing off the combination of a vanilla milkshake and a double espresso from McDonald's with the hashtag #McAffogato.

The Birmingham Mail first reported on the new trend among British police officers (and, sorry, that's Birmingham UK, not Alabama). Apparently, the cops like to order the treat as a pick me up when they're working the night shift.

Here in the U.S., you may get a funny look if you try to order the drink by the name "McAffogato" because it's not technically part of a secret menu (though we think you should do it anyway because McAffogato is a thing that needs to happen). But there's an easy way to create your own by ordering two menu items and engaging in a little bit of mixing magic to turn them into what has to be the classiest McDonald's drink ever.

The first surprise for many Americans may be that you can indeed order an espresso at McDonald's. The fast-food chain has been focused on upping their coffee game the past few years, and while it's not listed on the menu as such, the restaurants have a whole McCafé espresso drink menu where you can order an Americano, cappuccino, or mocha, so getting a plain espresso shot shouldn't be a problem.

Cops everywhere are taking notice and they approve of the Golden Arches hack.

Over on this side of the Atlantic, The Takeout did a taste test using a vanilla milkshake and a sundae, and declared the milkshake and espresso combo the winner noting that it was "the best McDonald's milkshake I've had in some time." They did note that you should ask for the milkshake with some room on top and no whipped cream so that you have a place to pour the espresso.

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