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Heinz Will Bring Mayochup to America

No one could believe that Heinz was releasing Mayochup, a combination of mayonnaise and ketchup, in the Middle East for two reasons. Either they disliked mayo so much, they refused to acknowledge it or they were jealous that it wouldn't be released in the United States. After all, isn't the U.S. the home of Midwestern Fry Sauce, essentially a 50/50 delicious duo of mayonnaise and ketchup? Even folks in the United Kingdom were wondering just where their bottles of Mayochup were since they have their own version in Marie Rose Sauce with a mayo-ketchup twist. It seems Heinz listened.

The brand decided to use a bit of genius to determine if American audiences really wanted the new condiment in grocery stores. Heinz put out a poll, stating that they would release Mayochup in America if they received 500,000 votes for yes. Well, Twitter users spoke and 55 percent voted for the release of Heinz Mayochup. These folks are certainly Team Mayochup.

About 45 percent, instead, said they would make their own. This makes sense when you consider what the price of Mayochup will be. Most Americans will keep buying mayonnaise and ketchup bottles on their own, especially as ingredients where Mayochup just won't cut it. Would you spend extra money on pre-mixed condiment you could easily blend together when needed?

Announcing the release of Mayochup in America on Twitter, Heinz stated that they would also be looking for new names. Some of the suggestions are, per usual, hilarious.

Twitter user Neftali Millan made a good point in the response to the name, saying that it's called Fry Sauce in Utah, Salsa Golf in Argentina, and it's even known by different names and different versions in Puerto Rico. We dug into the history of Fry Sauce not too long ago and discovered just how international this seemingly polarizing condiment really is.

Social media spoke for the masses with the Twitter poll, but will these users actually show up and buy the product regularly? For now, we can only guess what the different names they'll consider for the fancy sauce. Mayochup and french fries just don't roll of the tongue as smoothly as possible.

My favorite idea for the name of the new product that combines Heinz Mayonnaise and Heinz Ketchup is Krissy Taylor's suggestion: Tomayo. How Heinz is that?!

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