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Matthew McConaughey + Camila Alves' Sweet Love Story: From Hollywood to Family Life in Texas

Matthew McConaughey is one of those actors that everyone just loves. He's a Texas treasure, and his home state welcomed him back with open arms after the actor moved back to start a family with his wife Camila Alves. The adorable couple has one of the strongest relationships in Hollywood and is easily the envy of everyone anytime they make a public appearance together. Whether it's walking the red carpet at the Oscars or attending a University of Texas football game, the couple always looks incredibly happy.

McConaughey had been romantically linked to numerous famous actresses, including Sandra Bullock, Ashley Judd and Penelope Cruz. But in 2006, one night spent at a club with fellow Austinite Lance Armstrong would change everything. Alves had no idea who he was at first, so their love story started a bit awkward.

"We had two interactions at the bar," the Brazilian model disclosed to People. "The first interaction, I did not know who he was. At the time he had a really long beard, and he had this rasta hat. He was all covered up, and I didn't really realize who he was."

McConaughey's buddy Lance tried coming to the rescue.

"Lance came to talk to me," she said. "You knew they were always together, so I'm like, OK, I'm outta here. I'm going to the other side of the room!"

But she decided to give him a chance. According to McConaughey, it was love at first sight. His first thought was, "What is that?"

"'That' went and sat down, and I tried to get 'That's' attention," the True Detective star told E News. "And as I was trying to get 'That's' attention across the room, it went in my head, I was like, 'This isn't the kind of woman you call over across the room, McConaughey, get your ass out of the chair and go get her.' Which I did."

Though his Portuguese was weak, he was smitten. He invited Alves back to his place that night and even offered to let her stay in his guest room overnight since she didn't have her car. He tried sneaking down a couple of times, but Alves kicked him out, which only impressed him more.

A few nights later, they had their first official date, where McConaughey prepared dinner for two at his bachelor pad in Malibu. They've been together ever since. 

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Camila Alves grew up in Brazil but moved to Los Angeles at the age of 15 to visit her aunt. She became fluent in English and worked as a housekeeper for multiple years, but decided to move to New York City when she was 19 to pursue a modeling career. Alves designed a line of handbags and has made appearances as a host on Bravo's Shear Genius as well as Kids BBQ Championship on the Food Network. She's even co-owner of Yummy Spoonfuls, an organic food line for toddlers and babies. As if that wasn't enough, she runs her own blog — Women of Today. Basically, she's incredibly impressive. 

Alves was exactly what McConaughey was looking for to end his bachelor lifestyle. The king of romantic comedies went on to win an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in Dallas Buyers Club, starred in numerous incredible films like Interstellar, and worked on growing his family with Alves.

The couple moved to Austin to raise their children and enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle in McConaughey's old college town. After six years and two children (son Levi and daughter Vida), the couple decided to tie the knot in a small ceremony in Austin. Both children participated in the ceremony. Second son Livingston followed a few years later.  

"We decided to embrace the ritual of marriage as an opportunity and adventure we'll take together," McConaughey told People

Celebrity guests at the wedding included Reese Witherspoon, Kenny Chesney and Woody Harrelson, so you know it was a good time. 

Every once in awhile, you get a glimpse of their adorable family on Alves' social media pages. We can all just soak it in and enjoy seeing what a true love story looks like. 

This article was originally published in March of 2020.

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