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Matthew McConaughey Surprised This Southern Town with Some Special Gifts


When Matthew McConaughey visits your town, be prepared for a little magic to happen. The native Texan and famed actor spent his birthday handing out Thanksgiving turkeys to families in Lawrenceburg, Ky.

On Saturday, Nov. 4, Wild Turkey and Butterball sponsored the event, as part of the Wild Turkey Gives Back initiative. McConaughey, along with 250 volunteers, delivered 4,500 turkeys to local families just in time for Thanksgiving.

Wild Turkey is a Kentucky bourbon whose headquarters are just outside of Lawrenceburg, and McConaughey is their official spokesperson.

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Check out the video of the event above where McConaughey knocks on the door of a home in Lawrenceburg only to have 7 hysterically shrieking ladies greet him. Finding one of Hollywood's most recognizable faces arrive on their doorstep seriously amazes these women.

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