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Watch Matthew McConaughey Talks and Tastes Bourbon in New Short Film

Wild Turkey

Matthew McConaughey is the celebrity face and force behind Wild Turkey bourbon, and he’s taking the responsibility seriously. Not only is he a representative in front of the camera, but he’s the creative director of the campaign as well. McConaughey has crafted and directed a series of television and digital ad campaigns for the bourbon company.

The first short film features McConaughey, clad in a red flannel, walking in the woods and exploring the distillery. He speaks with the owners about how the whiskey is made, the history of the distillery, and he even gets to taste some bourbon bottled before Prohibition.

I have to admit, I typically just picture McConaughey surfing in the California sun, smoking pot and playing bongos. However, he completely nails it in this ad, capturing the essence of the family-run business.

Melanie Batchelor explained McConaughey’s involvement with the campaigns to AdWeek. “I know that [celebrity creative director] can be a title that’s talked about by a number of other companies, but our experience has been that Matthew has had an extremely high level of engagement,” said Batchelor. “He’s been involved in every single piece of the process, from writing the ads—he’s obviously starring in the ads, and he’s also directing the ads—so he’s both in front of and behind the camera.”

The six-minute documentary ad is just the beginning. In September, more ads will be released as TV commercials and online campaigns.

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Watch Matthew McConaughey Talks and Tastes Bourbon in New Short Film