Mason Ramsey
YouTube/Grand Ole Opry

Watch Yodeling Kid Mason Ramsey Make His Opry Debut

Young Mason Ramsey made his way from impromptu performances at his local Walmart to singing onstage at major music festivals like Coachella and Stagecoach in only a month's time. But perhaps the most thrilling stage Ramsey has played on since he skyrocketed to fame is the Grand Ole Opry stage.

The recently uploaded video from the Grand Ole Opry shows Ramsey yodeling the song that made him famous: "Lovesick Blues" by Hank Williams. The performance took place in mid-April after Ramsey made an appearance on the Ellen Show were Ellen told him he would soon achieve his lifelong dream of playing the Opry stage.

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Ellen followed up with Ramsey's journey by showing clips of the young musician seeing the stage for the first time and walking out in front of the huge crowd. Ramsey is able to keep his nerves at a minimum, which will serve him well the next time he plays the Opry this Saturday.

Judging from Mason Ramsey's current talent, drive and charm, this could just mark the beginning of a lifelong relationship with the Grand Ole Opry. Click on the videos above to say you saw him perform "way back when," and check out his new original single from Atlantic Records and Big Land called "Famous" to hear where his career is heading next.

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