Ellen Tells Kid Yodeler Mason Ramsey He's Headed to the Grand Ole Opry

When video of Mason Ramsey went viral and became a popular meme, the small town boy suddenly became a country icon. At only 10 years old, Ramsey has yodeled his way into America's heart with his fantastic rendition of Hank Williams Sr.'s "Lovesick Blues."

Recently, Ramsey stopped by Ellen's talk show to chat and perform. It's clear he's comfortable with the spotlight, but he's still a polite country boy. He told Ellen that coming to her show marked his first time flying in an airplane, but the limo ride was even more thrilling.

Ramsey said that he often performs at his local Walmart, so the video clip that went viral certainly wasn't his first time drawing a crowd at the big box store. Before heading to Ellen's stage to perform, he told her about his future dreams of going to college and playing at the Grand Ole Opry. Little did he know he was foreshadowing surprises Ellen had in store for him later.

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Holding a guitar bigger than his body, Ramsey flawlessly sang "Lovesick Blues" to the delighted audience. Then, Ellen delivered the news - she pulled some strings and now Ramsey is set to play the Grand Ole Opry stage this Saturday! Watch the above video at around 4:15 to see the sweet look of surprise and disbelief when Ellen hands him a backstage pass to the Opry.

Not stopping there, Ellen also told Ramsey that his local Walmart is going to put on a livestreamed show for him to perform, and they're giving him a $15,000 scholarship. Ramsey was overcome with emotion by the incredible news.

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Ellen Tells Kid Yodeler Mason Ramsey He's Headed to the Grand Ole Opry