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Song Premiere: Mason Lively Tips His Hat to Free Spirits on 'Something 'Bout a Southern Girl'


Texas-based singer-songwriter Mason Lively delivers a sweeping ode to free-spirited, strong-willed southern women on "Something 'Bout a Southern Girl."

The song, which Wide Open Country is premiering today, was written by Lively, Wade Bowen and Drew Kennedy.

Lively says he had written a portion of the song, but it wasn't until he met up with Bowen and Kennedy that the song came together.

"After all the songs I have had a part in writing, I would consider this one of my absolute favorites," Lively tells Wide Open Country. "'Something 'Bout A Southern Girl' started out as only half a chorus and a verse, yet I didn't really like what I had written. Then, I had the opportunity to schedule a co-write with Wade Bowen. To make matters even more nerve-racking, he decided to call up Drew Kennedy (one of the finest songwriters in Texas in my opinion) and ask him to write with us that day. So I decided to  throw the pieces of 'Southern Girl' that I had at them like, 'Well, here's something I guess.' To my surprise, they loved it! The three of us finished writing the song within an hour."


While Lively was on the road with Bowen, he gained helpful career advice from the Lone Star State balladeer. Soon after, Bowen decided to produce "Something 'Bout A Southern Girl."

"Around the time I started heavily writing again to record a batch of new songs; we were on the road with Wade Bowen. After a show one night, he kindly invited us on the bus where he started the conversation about songwriting," Lively says. "When I told him I wanted to start recording some of my new stuff, he replied 'What you need is a good producer! Someone to steer the ship in the studio, and tell you which of your songs suck and which ones don't!' So after the advice was repeated a time or two more in similar fashion, I said 'Well, do you wanna do it?' And to my surprise he said yes. Sometimes, you just gotta knock and the door will open."

Listen to "Something 'Bout a Southern Girl" below.


Lively released his debut album Stronger Ties in 2018.

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