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Martha Brings Country Farmhouse Vibes to New Las Vegas Restaurant, The Bedford

Martha Stewart has given us plenty of reasons to upgrade and modernize our favorite things over the years: dinner, bed sheets, desserts, you name it. Whether she's shooting the breeze with Snoop Dogg or whipping up delicious cocktails, she's always on to something new and exciting. And you can bet she'll keep topping everything she's tried. In fact, her next venture is one that might surprise you. After enjoying a successful career over the years, Stewart is trying her hand at her next venture: her very own restaurant, The Bedford.

Stewart's very first restaurant just opened inside Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, and it couldn't be any better-suited to her brand and personality. The Bedford by Martha Stewart is a culinary experience designed by the queen of home decor herself, and it's inspired by Stewart's country farmhouse in (you guessed it), Bedford, New York. The spacious yet intimate dining area includes 194 seats and splashes of decor meant to inspire the neutral color palette chosen by Stewart herself. The look? All Martha. The vibe? "Immersive, fun, unexpected, and utterly delectable," she says.

It makes sense — it's just like Stewart's invited you over for dinner. And that's just how she wanted it, according to comments she afforded in a recent press release. "We have worked tirelessly to bring my farmhouse in Bedford, New York, to life in Las Vegas, and I think visitors will be enchanted by what we have come up with," Stewart said of her restaurant opening. "These are the same dishes that I serve to family and friends in my own home." The location looks and feels much like heading to the lifestyle maven's home, from top to bottom, with a lengthy and varied menu for every palate.

Businesswoman/television personality Martha Stewart arrives at the grand opening of The Bedford by Martha Stewart at Paris Las Vegas on August 12, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

(Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Caesars Entertainment)

Visitors can kick things off by ordering a glass of Martha's Chard chardonnay or a frozen pomegranate Martha-rita from the cocktail menu. There's even Martha's Perfect Manhattan, featuring Woodford Reserve bourbon. Of course, your visit wouldn't be complete without appetizers to pair with your beverages. Dive in with buckwheat crepes, which are presented to you tableside, including eggs and Golden Osetra caviar. Or opt for the steak tartare, garnished with capers and cornichons, including matchstick fries, to prep for your delicious dinner.

Stewart's entrees range from the luxurious, like the 32 oz. prime bone-in ribeye to the whole roast chicken, stuffed with herbed breadcrumbs. Halibut and corn chowder, burgers, lamb chops, short rib pasta, and lemon risotto make up just a fraction of everything else you can expect to find on Martha's menu. There are plenty of pairings to go with it all, like chopped salads, gazpacho, and pierogis. Of course, no meal would be complete without dessert, and the Upside-Down Lemon Meringue Pie sounds like an excellent choice, especially if you love a glut of whipped cream.

If you're jonesing to see what dining with Martha Stewart might be like (because we can't all be best buds with her like Snoop Dogg), you can head up to check out the restaurant now. Peruse the menu before your visit so you can soak in the ambiance and pretend what it might be like to be BFFs with the hallowed homemaker. It might very well be the closest thing to going home to Martha's for the holidays this year.

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