Mark Zuckerberg Drinks Beer And Flies American Flag While Surfing In Tuxedo See Video
Photos By Instagram/zuck

Mark Zuckerberg Drinks Beer And Flies American Flag While Surfing In Tuxedo: See Video

Y'all aren't going to be happy with me this time, but a family has disagreements every so often! Mark Zuckerberg, king of Meta, did one of the most outlandishly American things I've ever seen. Zuckerberg went surfing with an American flag in one hand and a beer in the other. All while wearing a tuxedo! Watching the following clip was so surreal because it legitimately seems like something that would happen in a show or movie making fun of America.

There he is, being Mark Zuckerberg! Customary with the rules of the internet, people chimed in with their thoughts on Zuck's great American showcase!

"Bro is the coolest billionaire CEO ever," one Instagram user said. I want you to put a pin in that comment for later!

"When you gotta conference meeting but couldn't miss the waves [at]zuck doing it the American way," another user adds. But let's not limit our commentary pool to Instagram! Let's go to X (formerly Twitter) and see what people think!

"Bro so happy out there, no a care in the world, just him in a tux on a surfboard, selling all our data." ...Oh. Well, that was unexpected. I thought X would be even more pro-billionaire!

"It's the censorship king pretending to support freedom. Lame."

And now, I'd like to add some commentary of my own!

Mark Zuckerberg Celebrates The 4th Of July In The Most American Way Possible

What the heck happened to us? "Us" meaning the working class who bleed, sweat, and suffer for millionaires and billionaires to make record-breaking profits that we never see a dime of. Let me show you what I mean.

Some states are luckier than others, yes! But in many states, $7.25 is still the minimum wage! An even-keeled reaction to the video. Now, here's a comment I didn't understand at all!

"What? Making money is not dangerous. Go make some!"

Said entirely unironically! In a climate where hundreds of thousands of people are losing their jobs every month and struggle to find work regardless of their experience or skills! That anyone dangling in the lower-to-middle-class tax brackets could ever defend millionaires and billionaires over people closer to their salary range is crazy to me. Just some food for thought!