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Margo Price is Collaborating with Willie Nelson on New Marijuana Strain


Americana singer-songwriter Margo Price is upfront about her interests, including marijuana. While she admits that she's slightly concerned that her home just outside of Nashville might be raided due to her unapologetic use of the substance, she also sings the praises of marijuana's benefits. Her public appreciation for weed has lead to a new collaboration with Willie Nelson's cannabis brand, Willie's Reserve.

Though a release date and name for the strain Price picked to stand behind has yet to be revealed, Price stated that she chose an indica strain. She notes that its soothing qualities help her with her back pain and getting to sleep, and she's thrilled to promote the brand even though it might not be to everyone's liking.

In addition to its illegal status in Tennessee, Price notes that marijuana doesn't quite fit the current popular country music culture like throwing back a bunch of beers or glasses of whiskey does. "...I look forward to a day when I can be completely open with preferring to just smoke. I think it makes everyone completely peaceful, along with all the other benefits," Price told High Times. "There's just such a grey area for it around here: I feel like it's pretty socially accepted, but it's really not in certain circles here. That's why I mostly hang out with musicians; they're outsiders and weirdos, anyway."

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Price, who's riding high off of the success of her stunning record, All American Made, will join Nelson on a special stop of the Outlaw Music Festival tour in Texas for his annual Fourth of July Picnic at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin. Nelson and Price have a bit of a bond - the two even have a duet on her recent album called "Learning to Lose." She says they recorded the track out on Nelson's property in Spicewood, Texas, the same area where she was invited to a marijuana testing event (like a wine tasting) during the Luck Reunion festival, planting the seed for her current collaboration.

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