Map Shows the Oddest Town Names in Each State


Can you imagine giving out your address and telling people you live in Satan's Kingdom, Mass.? Well, for a handful of people, that's their reality.

Estately researched the strangest named cities in the U.S. and created a map to depict the oddest town names in each state. You won't believe some of these.

A few cities seem aptly named, like Volcano, Hawaii, but most have us scratching our heads. Ding Dong, Texas, Accident, Md. and Coward, S.C. seem a little bit offensive. Pie Town, N.M. and Chili, Wis. just kind of make us hungry. And Waterproof, La. just seems like a really mean joke.

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Oddest Town Names Map

Of all the states Estately collected unusual town names for, Texas has one of the strangest. The town of Ding Dong is actually an unincorporated community in Central Texas, just south of Killeen. It was named after two early settlers, Zulius Bell and Bert Bell. They hired an artist to paint a sign for the town. What he came up with was two bells, one for each brother. Under their names, he wrote "ding" and "dong." Over the years, that caught on with folks and became the town's name.

Some other odd towns that made the state's list are Bigfoot, Hoop and Holler, Latex, Raisin, Scissors, Tarzan and Zipperlandville.

Rhode Island must really have their stuff together because they only have three arguably strange town names -- Little Compton, Moosup Valley and Woonsocket. Congratulations to the small state for being the most dull in the country when it comes to town monikers. No, we're not talking about you, Ohio!

It can sometimes take decades for a town name to be legally changed. So, it's likely these will remain the same for many years to come.

This map leaves us with one important question, though: Who the heck is Handsome Eddy?

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Map Shows the Oddest Town Names in Each State