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Map Shows the Best U.S. Cities to Live In

Are you thinking about moving to a new city? Now there's a new way to see the pros and cons of each of America's biggest metropolises.

The creative wizards at WalletHub created a handy interactive map that compares the 62 largest cities within the U.S. cities by using 50 "key indicators of attractiveness." Those factors include things like cost of living, access to schools and other amenities as well as local crime statistics.

So, what city came out on top? Virginia Beach, Va. was the most all around attractive city, thanks to its high rankings in the affordability and safety categories. Seattle, WA, Pittsburgh, PA, San Diego, CA and Colorado Springs, CO helped to round out the top 5.

You can hover over each city in the map below to see where they fell on the list.

Source: WalletHub

Even if you aren't planning on packing up and heading off to another city any time soon, this map is a cool way of comparing the most populated areas in the country.

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You can see the full list of results and find more information on the study at WalletHub.

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