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Map Shows the Most Hated Food in Each State

We all have foods that we totally despise, but have you ever thought about what everyone else in your state refuse to eat? The dating app Hater recently published a map that breaks down which food everyone hates the most in every U.S. state.

Traditional thoughts on dating say that people get together because of their common interests. The dating app Hater brings couples together based on the pet peeves they have in common instead.

It's interesting to see what food each state's residents hate the most. Some seem pretty obvious. For example, in the coffee-obsessed, environmentally conscious state of Washington they really hate K-cups. In case you've been living in a decaffeinated fog and were unaware, Washington is the home state of coffee giant Starbucks.


Some of the hated foods make sense. It's easy to see why land-locked Kansas would hate shellfish. Being about 800 miles inland means seafood has a long way to travel from ocean to table.

Some are completely baffling. In Missouri, for example, the last bite of a hotdog is disgusting. I guess the rest of the hotdog was okay though?

Some of the hated foods aren't even foods. In Virginia, for example, it's apparently verboten to dab at pizza grease with a napkin. The map doesn't clarify how Virginians divest themselves of pizza grease...if at all.

Hater published a map a while back that showed the overall most hated thing in each state, which is also pretty interesting.

All I know is that if the good people of Maryland don't want the corner piece of their brownies, I will totally take those off their hands.

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