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Map Details the Best-Selling Vehicle in Every State

Ford sure loves to talk tough when it comes to their status as the kingpin of the American auto industry. But do the numbers back it up?

Pretty much, yeah. But that's not to that say Ford totally dominates all of the great 50 states.

In fact, the Ford F-series trucks technically only hold "top dog" status in 22 states. Thanks to a new map from Business Insider, we get a little bit better of an understanding about vehicle preferences across the country.

But the map certainly proves one thing: the stereotypes about truck-loving states are pretty true. The Ford F-150 takes the top prize in states like Texas and Tennessee. Not to mention much of the south and the northern plains. (You know, places like Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas, etc.).

The Chevrolet Silverado wins over seven other states, including several states in the midwest, like Indiana and West Virginia. The upscale GMC Sierra wins over Arkansas, and the Toyota Tacoma takes top vehicle status in Hawaii. That may surprise some folks, but any local knows the cargo space and four-wheel drive matched with the smaller size make it the perfect vehicle for Hawaii's rugged terrain.

But that being said, a full 31 of 50 states buy trucks more than any other type of car. So yeah, even the stereotype about Americans and big cars holds true.

Other cars with a strong showing include the Honda Civic, Toyota RAV4 and Subaru Outback. Not surprisingly, Californians go for the Honda Civic thanks to its great gas mileage and long life. Other Honda vehicles on the list include the CR-V and Accord.

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Toyota Corolla wins over Florida, while the Nissan Rogue dominate Connecticut and New York. Business Insider used Kelly Blue Book and pulled sales data from the past year to help create the map.

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