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This Acre Full of Classic Cars Could Be Yours for $1 Million

If you've ever dreamed of owning a fleet of classic cars, one man in Canada has a deal for you. He's selling a vast collection of over 340 classic cars, the five acres they sit on, a restoration shop and a house for $1.08 million.

According to the listing agent, this is a "lifetime opportunity to own your vintage auto wrecking business." The vehicles range in value from $500 to $35,000 each. All in all, the property is a vintage car restoration lover's dream.

The collection took the owner, Mike Hall, quite a bit of time to build. In fact, he has been collecting these cars for over 40 years. A 1926 Chevy roadster pickup and a 1927 Ford Model T are among the older cars in the collection. Newer models include the 1955 Chevy station wagon and the 1991 Chevy Firefly. Many of the cars are still drivable.

The 60-year-old recently told that he started the collection when he was 20. He works as a rock scaler and travels the province for about seven months out of the year. Hall spends time finding rocks in cliffs and removing them before they can fall on the cars below. This earned him the name Rasta Blasta and a hefty paycheck.

"I made more money than I knew what to do with, so I would buy cars all across B.C.," he said.

Originally, he would store the cars on his own property, which was an organic farm he shares with his wife. However, she quickly tired of the huge collection and demanded he move them elsewhere. That's when he wound up purchasing the 5-acre property they currently reside on. Conveniently, the White Post Auto Museum is right next door, and they also allow him to store some of his vehicles there.

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Hall says that he still loves to collect cars and restore them, but that it is a very time-consuming project. He realizes that he won't live long enough to restore all the cars in his fleet, so he's turning the reigns over to someone new.

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