Magnolia Table
Instagram/Joanna Gaines

Chip and Joanna Gaines Give Fans a Peek Inside Magnolia Table

Chip and Joanna Gaines have been hard at work on their new restaurant Magnolia Table, which will open soon in Waco, Texas. Now, the HGTV stars are giving their fans a peek inside this week by sharing a few pictures of the interior on Instagram.

Although the renovations to the former Elite Café have been going on for months, much of the interior design work on the restaurant just started two weeks ago. From the photos, it looks to be coming along nicely.

The entrance has a huge Waco, Texas, tile mural for guests to enjoy. A simple, yet elegant faux candle chandelier lights the path above for diners. They are also already bringing tables inside for the diners.

Sadly, Joanna didn't let us into the kitchen, which is probably amazing. But from what we did get to see of the restaurant, guests will love the design as much as they do everything else the Gaineses touch. Right now, we don't know when the restaurant will open, but with the floors going in, we can expect to hear an official date soon.

The new restaurant is on the site of the iconic Waco eatery Elite Café. After being in town for nearly 100 years, the owners of the café decided to close the doors for good. Chip and Joanna loved the history of the place so much that they decided to revive it into something new.

Since the Gaineses say they loved eating brunch at the old café, they plan to focus on breakfast when opening it back up as Magnolia Table.

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It definitely doesn't look like Chip and Joanna are planning to take any time to relax after their retirement from HGTV. Between the new restaurant and a brand new baby on the way, they have their hands full.

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