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Rooted in Country: Maggie Rose on Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's 'It's Your Love'

The 1990s supplied a massive amount of heartfelt country love songs. From Shania Twain's "From This Moment On" to George Strait's "I Cross My Heart," there were plenty of hits to add to your wedding playlist. But one of the most recognizable love songs of the decade came from Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, who made headlines with their star-powered nuptials in 1996. Just a year later, they released their duet "It's Your Love," which stayed on the top of the country charts for five weeks.

And although it seems like 1997 was just yesterday, the song made an impact on an entire generation of listeners and aspiring country musicians. 28-year-old Maggie Rose was one of those young country fans who couldn't help but fall for the song, which won over a whole new audience of fans with its crossover appeal.

"This song bridged together two amazing artists and, in an even bigger sense, brought country music to the world stage," Rose tells Wide Open Country. "Thousands and thousands of newlywed couples choose this song for their first dance because it is written about love in a sincere, simple and anecdotal way."


It's far from easy to create a song that describes a human emotion both simply and poetically. But "It's Your Love" did just that, and is the song that Rose cites as one of her biggest influences. Ironically, the woman who penned the recognizable track would later enter Rose's life as a musical collaborator.

"I moved to Nashville years after hearing and loving the song and never imagined that I would call Stephony Smith, the writer who wrote 'It's Your Love' in her living room with Letterman muted on her TV, a co-writer and friend. One of the songs Stephony helped me write, along with our other co-writer, Lindsay Lee, was my last single 'Love Me More.'"

While "It's Your Love" celebrates finding the perfect partner, "Love Me More" is all about helping yourself to heal after a relationship ends. Rose's soaring vocals are on par with Hill's, channeling the raw emotion of each lyric. While the message is simple, it's her voice that really makes the words hit home.


Rose has found success on the country charts with her previous singles "I Ain't Your Mama," "Better," and "Girl in a Truck Song." In recent months, she's been hard at work perfecting a new album. And later this year, things will come full circle as she acts as a support act for McGraw and Hill's massive 2017 tour.

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"It will be surreal to watch Tim and Faith sing "It's Your Love" when I open for them this summer on their Soul2Soul Tour," Rose says. "Some songs lose their sparkle when you have heard them a million times and this one seems to ring out truer as the years pass, especially with a couple like Tim and Faith performing it."

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