Luke Combs Shares SEC Network's New Hype Song, 'South on Ya'

The SEC Network's new hype song for college football season, "South on Ya," is a previously-unheard track by Luke Combs.

"Got a little dirt road dust runnin' through our blood / From a never-heard-of-it hometown / Got a can't-quit heart and some take-it-too-far / And a whole lot of never-back-down," goes Combs' latest singalong. It name drops several of the states (Alabama, Tennessee and Louisiana) and mascots (gators and dawgs) that come to mind as fans start getting excited for the imminent return of SEC football.

Combs co-wrote the song with Dan Isbell and Jonathan Singleton. An excerpt was first heard online in April 2020 after Keith Urban nominated Combs for the #demochallenge.

The hype video shows footage from all 14 SEC (Southeastern Conference) programs, from Jason Aldean's Georgia Bulldogs and defending national champions the Alabama Crimson Tide to Nashville's Vanderbilt Commodores and Darius Rucker's beloved South Carolina Gamecocks.

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It's the latest new song unveiled by Combs, who's recently teased a follow-up to 2019 studio album What You See is What You Get by sharing "Five Leaf Clover," "Good Old Days" and "Joe," on stage at country music festivals and online.

"I guess it all just depends on some strategy involved in that release date, but I think it's probably fall I would hope," Combs told proud Arkansas Razorback Bobby Bones in June about the chances that a new album arrives before the SEC championship gets decided on the field in December.

Combs will likely be following the SEC slate (and the games of the Sun Belt conference power he attended, Appalachian State) from the comfort of his tour bus. His What You See is What You Get tour spans the entire season, which kicks off on Sept. 4.

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Luke Combs Shares SEC Network's New Hype Song, 'South on Ya'