Luke Combs Fans Furious After Being Barred From Concert They Paid For
Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Stagecoach

Luke Combs Fans Furious After Being Barred From Jacksonville Concert They Paid For

Some Luke Combs fans are not happy. They were barred from attending a concert in Jacksonville that they paid for. It's all due to a frustrating technical issue.

According to First Coast News, the ticket office reported that some of the tickets purchased weren't scanning. Concert-goers were left in an endless loop of customer support.

"So, the current issues that we're having with StubHub is we purchased tickets through them for the Luke Combs concert here. And when we got to the gate we're being told that they need to be through the AXS app. In which case we were told to contact StubHub," one concertgoer told the outlet. "Nothing seems to be getting done. And we can't seem to find a result for our tickets. And we spent a good bit of money coming here."

Another concertgoer named Tiffany also agreed that "everything is just kinda going to hell" when they tried to attend the concert. They've been left in a state of limbo. "To even get the tickets it was so much and now it's like 10 times worse and it's a horrible experience," Tiffany said.

"The people [at the ticket office] are not helping at all," Tiffany's friend, Alec Parker, also added. "Then we called StubHub and they're telling us log in, log out, send screenshots, do all this, it's not helping anybody. It's like you can see that we paid for the tickets, why not just let us in?"

Luke Combs Supports Fans

Perhaps, Combs will also help out. It wouldn't be the first time that the singer has offered refunds. Previously, he refunded all tickets for one of his shows. At the time, he felt his voice wasn't up to snuff to give a solid performance. According to B98.5, it happened a while back when Combs was performing in Maine.

Combs "announced that he was still going to perform but, because of the condition of his voice, he did not feel he could put on a real show," the radio station reported

"Because of that, he was going to refund the money concertgoers had paid for tickets to the show," the station's website read. "Visibly upset with the situation, he explained that he understands the cost of going to a concert goes way beyond what is paid for the tickets. For many people there are hotel rooms, dinners, babysitters, gas, and more. Refunding the price of the tickets was, in his mind, the least he could do."